Christina Perri. Adorable Badass.

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Hello fellow music-thusiasts! I have decided to write today, on this beautiful lazy Sunday, about an inspiring artist that I adore. She’s an amazing singer and definitely can throw down on the guitar as well. She sings with such passion and energy. You can definitely feel it radiate through her music. She has the bubbly personality that makes her incredibly hard to not like. Her name is Christina Perri.

Christina Perri

From her 70+ tattoos to her amazing vocal chords, Christina Perri is sure to make a big impression on you. After hearing her sing in concert a couple times, I can assure you that her live events are worth every penny. Her music and especially live performances bring this amazing energy. You’ll definitely have an incredible time watching and hearing Christina Perri give it all she has on stage. She pours her heart out the whole time!

Christina Perri had an interesting start in the music industry. Perri was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. 3 years of hard work had gone by and Perri felt like her dream might never come true. She was on the verge of moving back home to Philadelphia. Then things took a turn for the better. On June 30,2010, Christina Perri, with her friend Keltie Knight attended the show, So You Think You Can Dance. During the show, the show choreographer was looking for a song for the next act. That’s when Knight passed a song over to Stacey Tookey, the show choreographer. The song was called, “Jar of Hearts” written by Christina Perri. Perri and Knight sat in the audience and watched the performance in the audience. Everyone fell in love with Perri’s beautiful and powerful song. After it was shown on television, Jar of Hearts sold 48,000 copies in the first week. It even debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 63!! And it didn’t slow down after that: selling over 100,000 copies within the first month. Jar of Hearts reached as high as No. 17 of the Billboard Hot 100. And like they say, the rest is history!

After her impressive start, Christina Perri went on to sign with Atlantic Records. She recorded an EP called The Ocean Way Sessions, which is AMAZING! She went on to produce her first album called, Lovestrong, which was pretty successful in its own right. Perri has also released a 2nd album called Head or Heart. Most of her songs deal with love and the heartbreak that can come with it. She has a beautiful way of expressing true feeling into her music. Listening to her songs like “Human” or “Bang Bang Bang” has an amazing affect on you. When you listen to these songs, especially her live performance, they touch your heart and soul and you can feel the emotion come over you. She really is an amazing talent and person.

Check out a live performance of Human:

One song that a lot of people really fell in love with is “A Thousand Years.” This song expresses the feeling of falling in love and truly loving someone forever. After its release, “A Thousand Years” has become an extremely popular song request for weddings. It just goes to show you how beautiful it is. She has also been involved with the nonprofit organization, TWLOHA, which is dedicated to helping people dealing with depression. She released a song called, “I believe” which is also amazingly lovely. Besides me having a HUGE crush on her, I highly recommend her music to anyone that’s looking for something that can truly move him or her in an emotional way. Take a moment and listen to Christina Perri’s music and you’ll be sure to fall in love with it almost instantly. If you’re interested on looking if she has a concert in your area, click here. She’s fairly active on social media too!


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August 15, 2016