Learning How to Play Guitar

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What’s up my music peeps!! So if you guys haven’t realized: music is a huge part of my life. I use music in every aspect of my life:

  • When I study
  • When I work out
  • When I play basketball
  • When I clean
  • Hanging out with friends

Like most of you people, I play music whenever I can. So I’ve decided to take my music addiction one step further: I want to learn how to play guitar. Strumming a guitar like a pro has been a dream of mine for the longest time. I had a friend show me some guitar basics a few years ago but I don’t remember much of what she taught me, unfortunately. I also took the leap and bought a guitar. However, it’s been sitting in it’s case for far too long.


I love my guitar and I know it has a great sound to it (Confirmed from my friends and an ex-girlfriend). I just need to finally make the full commitment and really start learning.


When I tried learning to play on my own, I used Justin Guitar online. It’s definitely an awesome, free learning tool. But for some reason, the layout wasn’t something I truly enjoyed. After doing some research, I found two options of learning online. I know having your own private teacher in person is the best option, but it can get pretty expensive if you hire someone. I’m going with the cheaper route and going online.


The two options I’ve narrowed it down to are: Yousician and Guitar Tricks. Both these choices look promising. You do have to pay monthly, but they aren’t too expensive: Yousician is $9.99/month and Guitar Tricks is $19.99/month. After looking at their platforms and reading some reviews, they’re certainly worth the money.


You can check out their sites here: Yousician.com and Guitartricks.com 


I’m leaning on going with Guitar Tricks, but not completely sure. If you guys have any recommendations on taking online lessons, please let me know! I’m open to any suggestions before I make the leap and sign up for one of these memberships. But don’t wait too long because I will make a decision by the end of this week. I’m so ready to start learning how to play guitar. If I stay focus and dedicated and put in the work, I’ll be a beast at guitar in no time!


Your boy,



August 15, 2016